SPLI 2016

We are offering two SPLI (SP Leadership Institute) classes this summer:

1) The Art of Bible Study
Looking for a spiritual turning point? Wanting to experience life giving power? This summer, practice the art and science of Bible study as you observe, understand, interpret and apply God’s Word. Like King Josiah and Ezra the priest, rediscover God’s Word and apply it today.

2) Old Testament Survey
This is class is designed for those that find the Old Testament particularly difficult to read and understand. We will unpack the overall story of the Old Testament and discover how each book fits into the whole narrative.

Click “Read More” for class details. Sign-up form available after the details. Sign-up deadline is July 17.
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Bible Testimony


My name is Shao Ming and I’ve been coming to SP on and off since 2007. I remember the year very precisely because that was the year I got married. And the main reason why I joined SP is because I needed a Pastor to marry me, and P Sam was the only one in HK who took pity on my husband and myself and let us into the church and his pre-marital classes.
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