Guest Speaker: Pastor Bryan Kim

We welcome the return of our 2013 Retreat speaker, Pastor Bryan Kim!

“I love my tribe. I have the greatest gig ever. I get to walk alongside some of the bravest, most inspirational folks I’ve ever met. I say brave because if you knew what they had to overcome in order to live their lives for Christ you too would admire each and every one of them. I love being a pastor at Ekko Church. My wife will often say to me, ‘Ekko has made a pastor out of you.’ I agree.”
– Pastor Bryan Kim

He will be speaking on the August 18-20 weekend:
1) Friday August 18, 8pm
2) Sunday August 20, 9am, 11:30am and 3pm (regular Sunday services)

P. Bryan Kim and his wife P Michelle Kim are the founding pastors of Ekko church in California ( The word Ekko comes from two Greek works: Ekklesia and Koinonia: The church in communion by intimate and intentional participation. P. Bryan spoke at the 2013 SP Annual Retreat and we were so blessed by the powerful word, hilarious stories and his love for Christ and the church. He is a good friend of P. Sam and was personally discipled by P. Sam in his youth. For P. Bryan’s full bio, check out his website: To listen to the retreat sermons, please follow this link: