SPSG Soft Launch Recap

God has greatly blessed SPSG! Ever since starting our small group in June 2012, we have seen numbers grow very quickly.

Last weekend we held our first ever EG retreat which culminated in the inaugural soft launch of SPSG at the YMCA in Singapore. Turnout was fantastic – there were around 70 adults and 20 kids all joined together worshiping God.

The crowd was made up of people from all walks – from our unsaved family members to people who had heard about us from SPHK! The Holy Spirit was so strongly present and we really felt the SP atmosphere with everyone playing a role in serving. All hands on deck from lugging worship equipment to Sunday school teachers who had to learn on the job!

There is now an even greater sense to see where God is taking us and an eagerness even from newcomers who responded to Pastor Sam’s message. For many of us who had an encounter with God when we were at SPHK, it really felt like coming home.

For photos of the service, please follow the link to our SP Facebook album