Psalm 126

Community Focus

  1. Cancer:
    – Mary Westrate’s father (bone marrow)
    – Pastor Keith (prostate)
    – Eugene Yoon’s mom (breast)
    – Pastor Sam’s aunt (pancreatic)
    – Lizzy (brain)
  2. Chemo:
    – Jungmin’s cousin Yoon Kyung (breast)
    – Jennifer Khong (lymphoma – effective treatment and no recurrence)
  3. Transplant
    – Chongs’ brother-in-law Vince (bone marrow match)
  4. Illness & Salvation:
    – Christa Chi’s aunt (breast cancer)
    – Rachel Ngan’s uncle (lung cancer) and great aunt (cancer)
    – Yvaine’s grandmother (dementia, hypertension, diabetes)
    – Joohee’s aunt (coma)
    – Tim Tang’s mom (mid-stage dementia, severe hyperkyphosis)
    – Tim Tang’s sister (cervical cancer)
    – Angie Leung’s father (severe asthma)
    – Ken Chien’s cousin (testicular cancer)
    – Pastor Sophia’s mom (heart, hypertension, diabetes) & dad (stroke)
    – Cadence and Reine’s dad (lymph node cancer)
    – Jin’s mom (ovarian) and aunt (breast)
    – Pete Chen’s father (4th stage lung cancer)
  5. Infirmities:
    – Allan Lundsford (stroke)
    – Tracy Wang’s uncle (partial blindness)
    – Lianne Cheng’s father (ALS)
    – KJ’s mom (severe migraines)
    – Pastor Colin (brain injuries)
    – Pastor Sophia (LIF discomfort, cyst)
    – Evelyn & Young Cho’s IVF treatment
    – Jenine Basaraba (post-chemo pain, knee surgery)
    – Victor Leung (side effects from medication)
    – Carmen Wong’s grandmother (diabetes, deafness, kidney failure)
    – Jessie Lee (vitiligo – immune system)

Mission Focus

  • Mission Focus for Cambodia:
    – Grace & Ashley
    – P. Robert Oh (Vision 2 Reality)
    – P. Taing (New Life Church)

Church Focus

  • The Board: P. Samuel Song, Lisa Song, Hyj Kim, Janie Chien, Tom Choi, Kiwan Chung, Bryan Chiu, P. Sophia Cheng (Secretary)
  • Men’s & Women’s Ministries
  • SP 2.0’s New Building & “Donor”
  • HC: CWB, Island, Shatin, Kennedy, Robinson W, Happy Valley