Hebrews 11

Community Focus

  1. Cancer: Brenda Lee (leukemia), Jamie Donaldson’s friend Richard (pancreas), Mary Westrate’s father (bone marrow), Pastor Keith (prostate)
  2. Chemo: Pastor Sam’s aunt (pancreatic), Lizzy (brain), Jungmin’s cousin Yoon Kyung Song (breast), Jennifer Khong (lymphoma – effect treatment & no recurrence)
  3. Transplant: Chongs’ brother-in-law Vince (bone marrow match)
  4. Illness & Salvation: Christa Chi’s aunt (breast cancer), Rachel Ngan’s uncle (lung cancer) & great aunt (cancer), Yvaine’s grandmother (dementia, hypertension, diabetes), Joohee’s aunt (coma), Tim Tang’s mom (mid-stage dementia, severe hyperkyphosis) & sister (cervical cancer), Angie’s father (severe asthma), Kenny Chien’s cousin (testicular cancer), Pastor Sophia’s mom (heart problem, hypertension,diabetes), Pastor Sophia’s dad (stroke), Cadence & Reine’s dad (lymph node tumor), Jin’s mom (ovarian) and aunt (breast), Pete Chen’s father Hans (4th stage lung cancer)
  5. Infirmities: Allan Lundsford (stroke), Tracy Wang’s uncle (partial blindness), Lianne Cheng’s father (ALS), KJ’s mom (arthritis), Pastor Colin (brain injuries), Pastor Sophia (LIF discomfort, cyst), Evelyn & Yong Cho’s IVF treatment, Lourdes Urdiales (disk hernia), Jenine Barsaraba (post-chemo pain, knee surgery), Victor Leung (side effects of medication), Carmen Wong’s grandmother (diabetes, deafness, kidney failure)

Mission Focus

  • Singapore & Australia

Church Focus

  • Hospitality Ministries (Welcoming, Barista)

Sophia Lee

  1. Give clarity and direction to Daniel Shih’s career decisions.
  2. Pray for our son Andrew to grow up happy, healthy and with blessings from God.
  3. Pray for health and wellbeing of our parents.
  4. Pray that this year I will become closer to God and be able to hear him clearly.

Jason Cheung

  1. Please pray that God heals my 2-year-old son Aidan for his development delays.

Lianne Cheng

  1. Revelation, wisdom, faith to achieve the vision God has given me for my life.
  2. God to pay the way practically, bring right people to help me accomplish vision.
  3. That the vision and everything in my life would work together to glorify God.
  4. Learn great patience and skills to influence, disciple and teach others.