Romans 8:15-17

Community Focus

  1. Cancer – Hyj’s uncle (late stage lung), Matthew Dolbow’s aunt and Connie’s aunt (breast & heart problems), Kee Yean’s mom (brain), Jamie Donaldson’s friend Richard (pancreas), Jeff & Janella’s aunt Daphne (leukemia)
  2. Chemo – PSam’s aunt (pancreatic), Jin’s mom (ovarian) and aunt (breast), Lizzy (brain)
  3. Surgery – Bonnie’s mom (pacemaker surgery recovery)
  4. Transplant – Chongs’ cousin Vince (bone marrow match)
  5. Illness & Salvation – Christa Chi’s aunt (breast cancer), Rachel Ngan’s uncle (lung cancer) and great aunt (cancer),  Yvaine’s grandmother (dementia, hypertension, diabetes),  Joohee’s aunt (coma), Tim Tang’s mum (blood clot in artery, mid-stage dementia, severe hyperkyphosis), Tim’s sister (cervical cancer), Chelsea’s grandfather (heart surgery recovery)
  6. Infirmities – Allan Lundsford (stroke), Tracy Wang’s uncle (partial blindness), Becky Sein (excessive fluid in lungs, pain), Naning’s Mom (stroke), Patrick Ma (limited lung capacity), Lianne Cheng’s father (ALS), Cadence’s grandfather (serious foot infection)
  7. Jobs – John Kang, Hyj Kim, Joohee Park, Catherina Chang, Kyu Oh, Soojin Kim, Dennis Ly, Rainbow Wong, Tracy Wang, Mark Starnes, Eunice Yeung


Mission Focus:

  • Local Ministries: Local churches, YWAM HK (Sports Service Int’l, Shanti, Master’s Beauty, Red Light District Outreach), Face 2 Face, Zheng Sheng College, Feed The Hungry, Christian Solidarity Worldwide
  • Mission Trips (Indonesia July 11 – 15, HK July 30 – Aug 4)
  • SP Ministries:  Worship Team, Sound & Media Team,
  • Welcoming/Hospitality Team, Barista Ministry
  • HC: MacCaine (Fri), MacDaddy (Sat), Bel-Air (Sat) / SP