Romans 7


  • Mission Focus:  Thailand (Rachel Warlick), Philippines (Solomon’s Clinic, Mr. Jang),
  • SP Ministries: Worship Team, Sound & Media Team
  • House Church:CWB, MacDaddy, McRobinson, Tregunter, Waterfront

Ashley Lui 

  • Direction for next year. Openness to wherever or whatever God leads me to.
  • Perseverance at work; greater love for students and colleagues. For God’s love to pierce through the culture of striving for achievements.
  • For my grandpa to know Jesus and be healed of his dementia; strength and encouragement for my grandma who takes care of him.

Bernice Day 

  • Your vision for Jem and Kez and for me to pray according to your will, promises for them. Give Rob and I the wisdom and tools to raise our children.
  • Rob – For his salvation to come in your timing and your way. Before then, help me to be a wife that shines the light of Christ.  Please guard his heart  so that one day he will chase after your very heart like David and be a witness to further your kingdom.

Song Family

  • Elyse, Emma, and Hannah to grow in wisdom and stature, favor with God and man.
  • Lisa to continue to grow as a leader, wife and mom and to love God with all her heart.
  • PSam to lead SP with wisdom, courage, and humility. To manage time well between being a pastor, father, and husband–to do all well.
  • We are leaving kids for a week to go on our 10th anniversary. For God to allow Lisa to ween Hannah and trust that she will be fine.