Romans 5


  • Mission Focus: China (Chong family, Nate & Matt’s parents, Leanne Cheng, Qiqihar kids, government, churches)
  • SP Staff: Samuel Song, Eugene Sim, Carol Sim, Sam Kim, Nate, Kenny, Sophia, Monica & Bonnie
  • Elder Board & Missions Committee

Paul Lee 

  • Thanksgiving for what God has blessed me with and will bless me with in the future. God to guide me and my family through challenges.
  • Family’s health and to always live under God’s love, blessings, prosperity and protection.
  • To grow my relationship with God and to learn to fully trust and lean on Him. For God to guide me, give me wisdom in making decisions for myself, the family and to walk in sonship .
  • For God to show me more of His character as a loving husband and father.
  • Salvation  for my grandmother, family and friends.
  • Guide me in my career and which direction I should go.

Joanne Um

  • Godly wisdom
  • Continual hunger and love for God’s word and Spirit
  • Living only to glorify God, not to please people
  • Aunt’s salvation and financial breakthrough
  • God’s favor on FEBE esp. EGAPE
  • Husband 🙂

Monica Kim

  • To have a greater understanding and revelation of God’s love for me.
  • To hear God’s voice with more clarity everyday.
  • Daily wisdom as I work for SP.
  • Dad’s salvation & for him to lay down his pride to be able to trust God & receive His love.
  • Grandma’s health – she had surgery for her broken hip. It isn’t healing well and has been bedridden for a couple months so her health is deteriorating.