Lent – Day 25

Community & Missions Focus

Join us as we pray for the SP community and missions. Prayer requests after the break.

1.  Cancer – Hyj’s uncle (late stage lung), Matthew Dolbow’s aunt and Connie’s aunt (breast), Kee Yean’s mom (brain), Chris Lee’s aunt

2.  Eradication of cancerous cells – Lizzy

3.  Chemo – Alex Lee’s father (stomach), PSam’s aunt (pancreatic), Jin’s mom (ovarian) and aunt (breast). Gloria Victoria Lo

4.  Harmony’s father (neck surgery recovery), Chongs’ cousin Vincent (bone marrow match), Ashley’s friend Dorina (kidney healing from infection, liver transplant)

5.  Illness & Salvation – Christa Chi’s aunt (breast cancer), Bonnie’s grandfather (pancreatic cancer late stage), Rachel Ngan’s uncle (lung cancer) and great aunt (cancer), Vivien Sng’s grandfather, Jamie Donaldson’s friend Richard (pancreatic cancer)

6.  Infirmities – Allan Lundsford (stroke), Benji (G6PD enzyme deficiency), Katie Chen (heart), Cecilia’s colleague’s daughter Heli Meehan (convulsions)

7.  Jobs – John Kang, Soojin Kim, Catherina Chang, Joohee Park, Hyj Kim, Vanessa Lim

8. Mission Focus: Hong Kong (chief executive election Mar 25th), China (SP BJ, Chong family, Matt & Nate’s parents, Basaraba family, Lianne Cheng, Qiqihar kids, government, churches)

9. SP Staff, Elder Board, Missions Committee

10. FEBE Ministry, Korean Church

11. HC: LKF, Old Peak, Harborside, Seymour, Star Street