Ezekiel 14:1-8

Community Focus

  1. Cancer – Connie’s aunt (breast), Jamie Donaldson’s friend Richard (pancreas), Mary Westrate’s father (bone marrow), Jennifer Khong (lymphoma)
  2. Chemo – PSam’s aunt (pancreatic), Jin’s mom (ovarian) and aunt (breast), Lizzy (brain), Jungmin’s pregnant cousin Yoon Kyung Song (breast)
  3. Transplant – Chongs’ brother in law Vince (bone marrow match), Rayfil’s friend’s son, Jeremy Kong (bone marrow match)
  4. Illness & Salvation – Christa Chi’s aunt (breast cancer), Rachel Ngan’s uncle (lung cancer) & great aunt (cancer), Yvaine’s grandmother (dementia, hypertension, diabetes), Joohee’s aunt (coma), Tim Tang’s mom (mid-stage dementia, severe hyperkyphosis) & sister (cervical cancer), Angie’s father (severe asthma), Kenny’s cousin (testicular cancer) P. Sophia’s mom (heart problem, hypertension,diabetes)
  5. Infirmities – Allan Lundsford (stroke), Tracy Wang’s uncle (partial blindness), Naning’s mom (stroke), Lianne Cheng’s father (ALS), Cadence’s grandfather (foot infection), Matt & Nate’s mom (right knee, ability to walk), Ehshin’s mom (lung restoration), Ashley Blair’s father (severe back pain), mom (severe sinus problems), brother (quadraplegic), grandmother (eye transplant), KJ’s mom (arthritis),Samuel Buchanan (fingers, left elbow, kneecaps, upper back, right shoulder), P. Colin (brain injuries), P. Jimmy Stewart (feet & Knees flare-ups), P. Sophia (LIF discomfort & cyst), Eugene Yoon (hamstring)

Mission Focus

  • China (SP BJ, Chong family, Matt & Nate’s parents, Basaraba family, Lianne Cheng, Ede Clarke, Qiqihar kids, government, churches)
  • SP Staff, The Board, Missions Committee
  • FEBE Ministry, Korean Church
  • HC: Bonham, Kowloon, LKF, Old Peak, Happy Valley